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Impregnated sawn timber


The Woodman impregnated sawn timber produced in a modern impregnated pant in the Industrial Area ofTripolis with advanced technology and strict quality standards, offering the ideal solution for any construction including:

  • Construction indoor (roofs of houses and industrial premises, sheds, livestock facilities, within a concrete timber, etc.).
  • Construction of external areas (greenhouses, bridges, pergolas, brace trees, vineyards, window box, separator panels, garden houses, cable reels, rails, etc.).
  • Construction outdoor contact with the ground (electricity poles, stakes, fences, railway sleepers, mining timber, etc.).
  • Construction in the water and the water (piers, docks, dams, piles, boats, fish farms, etc.).


The impregnated wood Woodman has a unique strength and durability.

- The role of life in the impregnation of wood.

 The impregnation of wood, with the introduction of the mass of wood suitable aqueous solution, is designed to protect against the effects of destructive factors. The main enemies of wood are fungi (septic and coloring), insects and organisms that grow in water and the sea.

During the impregnation of wood in an aqueous solution, the active ingredients react with each other in the wood and form complex compounds that are highly insoluble in water.

Thus greatly increasing the strength and physical life of every kind of wood, as is proof by various noxious enemies.

The impregnation of wood in the factory Woodman is a cylinder pressure in the modern factory empotistiriou IWT Denmark, the method of vacuum - pressure, where we use - the first in the Greek market - wood presevatives aqueous solution free from chromium and arsenic. The cost of the impregnated Woodman timber is insignificant compared to the cost and time required for a wooden construction.

Also, the Woodman has installed and applies the quality management system for the impregnation of wood in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

- Special treatment for fire protection of wood.

 In the impregnation plan Woodman also be possible to treat the wood fire substances.

These specific solutions to make the wood burns very difficult and very slow.


  treated  - without treatment