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Woodman sawn timber for roofs

Domestic sawn timber Woodman offers the ideal solution to the construction of any wooden roof.

Domestic sawn timber produced in the sammill Woodman in the Industrial Area of Tripolis with modern equipment and strict quality standards.

The Woodman has established and applies refarding the processing of logs, quality management system in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

The Woodman sawn timber , even over the imported one gathers unique advantages of quality and price.

  - The Growth of the logs of the trees in our forests.

In the forest complexes of Mainalo and Parnonas, the logs of abies cephalonica and pinus nigra grow gradually, without additions of improving substances, giving logs with strong annual growth rings, particuarly robust and healthy.

The Mainalon complex is the first Greek forest with a certificate from the FSC for the proper, sustainable management, as practiced in this.

Both the physical and mechanical properties of  abies cepalonica and pinus nigra have been considered by N.AG.RE.F. and classified according to criteria laid down ih standard EN 338, the use of which indicates the application of Eurocod 5, in classsed C35 and C40.

 - The selection of logs to the sawmill yard.

The logs before their processing at the plant, are selected on the basis of the diameter and quality characteristics, depending on the intended use (roofs, pallets, backgammon for cells,comcrete shuttering boards, beehives, cable reels, delivery boxes, packaging of heavy goods etc.).

 - The mechanism of logs cut  in the factory.

The logs are processed with modern factory equipment Braun-Canali Germany sawblades and machines, which provide pilots the opportunity for qualitative selection in the main stages of the production process.

Then multiblade machines are cutting the timber and the image of the finished product is like having "planed."  Equally special machine cuts the edges of the timber with the result that we have accuracy in lengths. So the result is excellent quality, without "blind" cutting and moderate quality  machinery.

- The unlimited sections of sawnwood Woodman.

 Apart from the standard  may produce sawn timber in any section and any length up to 12 meters, according to the specific requirements of each building, with direct delivery.

 - The classification, sorting and storage.

The sawn timber measured, classified and stored in special hangars factory Woodman always with appropriate packaging.

This avoids the growth of fungi (molding, blue stain, etc.) and the degradation of quality is often the wood, because of the long duration of transport.

- The ability treat the wood Woodman.

On installations provided the opportunity impregnation of wood in cylinder pressure in a modern impregnation plant.

Thus the wood is protected from the effects of destructive agents (fungi, insects, marine organisms) and acquires resistance and long life.  

- Competitive price of timber Woodman. 

Low prices combined with excellent quality and speed in any order, give to woodindusty Woodman dominant market position.

Besides the benefit is greater to prevent leakage of foreign exchange to import timber.

The standard dimensions of the woodman construction timber are:

  LATHS            ROOF BOARDS
     75 x  75     85 x  85   95 x  95       25 x 35   12,5 x 150    18 x 80
     75 x  95      85 x 125   95 x 115       35 x 35     15  x 150    18 x 100
     75 x 115     85 x 145   95 x 145       35 x 45     18  x 150    18 x 120
     75 x 125     85 x 175   95 x 175       35 x 55     18  x 200       ......     
     75 x 145     85 x 195   95 x 195       45 x 45         ......       ......
     75 x 175        ......           ......       45 x 65         ......         ......

The lengths of the sawn timber available are mainly: 2.00 -2.50 - 3.00 - 3.50 - 4.00 - 5.00 - 6.00 - 7.00 and 8.00 meters.

Is it possible to cut the logs in any section to 12.00 meters.

The voids boards and raths is bundled with a plastic hoop to 6 or 8 pieces.