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Chestnut constructions

The chestnut Woodman is the ideal solution for building a prominent traditional buildings.

The chestnut wood, known since is a high quality material with considerable strength and unique aesthetic.

Used both to external applications under harsh conditions and tests such as:

  • Support areas (senaz),
  • pergolas,
  • shipbuilding,
  • fences, vines,

 and for domestic uses:

  • for wood (monldings),
  • Steps (stairs) and landings,
  •  Handrails (handrails) and railings (bars),
  • wooden window frames,
  • decorative wall cladding,
  • prominent traditional roofs,
  • windows, flooring, parquet,
  • furniture, barrels.

The chestnut dimensions of which are available include:

100 Χ 100,     120 Χ 120,     150 Χ 150,     180 Χ 180 (mm X mm), with lengths randing from 2.00Μ to 7.00Μ. 100 × 100, 120 × 120, 150 × 150, 180 x 180 (mm X mm).

The chestnut wood factory of Woodman is a careful  (sorting, planing, sanding and shaping) thus requiring minimal preparation for painting or varnishing the while becoming a great beauty.